Years are like a song, a song is falling. I have also been young and frivolous, and have been persistent in pursuing, slowly settling into a pure heart; The time is woven, the wind and rain, the running in the sun, gradually to become a strong soul. The book says that every day that does not dance is a betrayal of life. Every flower, every bright day Air Purifier, is life to give us the best gift.
In the most beautiful years, have the best life. You don't have to worry about how much you have to lose, even if you're in the middle of a thriving business. Just know what you have. No matter how much life has given you, letting go is the heart, the loss is the harvest.
Blooming flowers are fresh in the early morning and charming at midnight. Whatever kind of flower it is, it is a gift from nature. Just like life, sooner or later is a good thing. In life, there are storms and there are clear skies, and there are gains and losses master of journalism hong kong. If the heart is simple, it is easy to live. No matter how hard it is, smile and believe that happiness is not far away.
Life needs precipitation to be more secure, life needs to be combed to see the context. Quietly read the heart sound, listen, the time left words... Be sincere thanks to those who have helped us, appreciate the blessings of life, and forgive those who have hurt and missed. The collection originates from the experience and feeling of the heart, and you will find that life is great because of love, because it is touched and warm, because it is heavy.
Life is a kind of practice, and in the process of practice, we should constantly reflect, learn from each other, and gradually. Knowing is good, knowing what is good. Spring has a hundred flowers in the autumn, summer has a cool breeze to listen to the snow. Flowers bloom and fall, the moon is full of scenery. As long as we are hopeful, with a heart of compassion for everything, the sky of our hearts will be clear, and our life will be full of sunshine.
The autumn wind sends shuang, the qing chrysanthemum fragrance, the twilight of the microdew, there is a rosy cloud in the morning light dance myob system. Autumn morning, the air is particularly fresh, deeply inhaled a mouthful, there is the fragrance of grass after rain and flowers. A few sparrows were chirping merrily on the branches, and the dewdrops fell on the leaves...
The distant hills were shrouded in a thin veil of white mist, with the breeze blowing and the flowers in the garden flickering. Everything was so quiet and serene. Meet a beautiful day in peace. I want to be like this autumn morning, the fresh, the smell of flowers, the sunshine...
In fact, the world is full of visible beauty, but we have found the heart of beauty less. The beauty of spring and the whiteness of winter, the beauty of summer and the beauty of autumn are the colors that the world gives us. With the understanding and experience of life more and more deeply, I deeply understand that having a good and ordinary state of mind, and a true satisfying state of mind, is the most beautiful life.
The flowers of the morning, because of the rain last night, thanks for the evening makeup, the leaves on the branches, with the amorous wind, qi qiqi went far away. Overnight, the leaves of the trees changed color, the red autumn leaves, in the sun appear to be more attractive, display the public personality incisively and vividly. The stream, still gurgling, the unknown weeds, strong vitality, still sucking its life water, striving to flourish, grow...
A flower of a grass, a tree, only to maintain an independent personality, can show the goodness of life. In life, only to maintain a simple, fragrant heart, can realize the meaning of life.
Life is a belief, believe in the good, will meet the good. The best life should be: both deep and worldly, both poetic and grounded. After a long night, you will see the dawn of dawn. Embrace the mountain, cross the river, take a firm walk, and you will see the most beautiful scenery along the way.
Leave the cheerful smile on the face, put the gloomy mood in the wind, with the simple state of mind, the treatment of complex life, can be easy to lose, easy to enter the world. Let us be free and easy, clear the fog, and hug the sunny day.