I think, character flaws, not a defect. It differs from man to man. Most of the time, lively and cheerful people occupy the advantage, because a fair head, flexible, popular. But in the solemn occasion, if not the convergence of their own, would be considered no conservation. Be scanty of words seem silly, actually contains a still water runs deep. When the critical moment, always standing in the front of the pack, leading role.


As cold as the cream face and sad like the wind eyes met, then the collision. Tired of the world to pay no heed. A cold heart, really afraid of the wasted time, and compromise in the melancholy parting. Only owe a greeting, but cut the long waiting. There is a saying, I don't know whether to speak with you, because I don't know if you still care about me. In fact, if you can deliberately pretended not to know a person, because know the man, know that person. So, still remember the man. This, I understand.


In the Linxi, I face geological asked swirling dust, whether a strangers, since you can really forget? Let bygones be bygones., but they lost over the body. Unable to stand on the edge of the bed, with open arms, my body with gravity and tilt. Now, far from thousands of miles away, leaving only a sad. Voices tell me, don't regret because of unable to choose, if reincarnation, will greet you.


At first, build emotional building, brick is exhausted mind paved. Emotional foundation has been melting, no longer complete superstructure. Instant collapse edge, particularly. Establish the sentiment may take many years, destroy only at the moment, but he and sigh, life, ups and downs, can hardly be avoided. Deep sea time continued, if I remember enough. Qiu LAN, flower, by chance.


Others gradually to zero, I seem to be rather baffling to wander, any time lost at the bottom of the door. The young days, most afraid to waste time, because time waits for no one. We tried to catch it, but to catch up with, also can not grasp. Just like air, it in the hands of sleep, but also how to lose control. For reference only, the famous words, the heart to move, then leaves and move. The heart to stop, then leaves the check. People can use, and only your heart.