But careful not to play too early.


Like Xi'an this night, not to a half, the scene of debauchery is not easily leave the matter at that.


Open your eyes, is, night, three points, the sky red not so amazing, some Xu Suzhen, a little hazy, a little vicissitudes, quiet, serene sleeping face, such as the old, give a heavy feeling, lets the human respect, and wonder, and hope the talkative, shenzhen. But, the hazy, full of unknown, the vicissitudes of life, years after years quietly flowing. Think too fine, think too deep, will not close, random break.


Life in the moment with the heart. The silent earth, silent turn time, light years, is just the same as at the moment of breathing shallow, stretch in the tired, heartily wield lan. Five fingers extended, in September the first night, cool wind blowing, meaning slightly cold, mind is the wind. The same time, the same night, who like me by windows insomnia, let this act recklessly and care for nobody's eyes in the air circulation, and the mystery of silent night.


If the water of life can be hard, difficult, also can be fragile, in the twinkling of Mo in the dust, you and I wear dust, road landscape, singing all the way, a mood, a road vicissitudes. No, just up the bud side later put the summer flowers, excuse me are playing the herring, ignoring the green Liu forward we waved goodbye, neglected to leave few leaves not shade. Life, laughter and tears, we use the most true feelings life feeling, perception of life changes in temperature. Feel helpless from stumbling, to the sound of color color......