The cliff like chilly review. A nest of gentle rippling through the shoulder, it's full of time broken off the mark, proud as ever, but be flashy without substance. Look up Look East, only hope to get your back. Standing on high cry, Ren echo the shuttle in the mountain valley. A wasted, flooded the city. The stranger, emptied the whole piece of memory.

There is no bodhi tree, nor stand mirror. Had no one, where can the dust alight? If you continue to miss a person or a thing, I would have told you. Impossibility results, more effort is useless. If nothing exists, no you, no I, no what happened, the hustle and bustle of the dust will not occupy the mind. When the most pure? When a person. Don't let the glare of the sun into the dry eyes. Don't let the loneliness of the dust falling on the blooming season.

Bearish everything, there would be no regret. A lot of things before, out of thin air, let it, now from have no. When is the end of the world comes, I have been reborn. Thus, forget your one's voice and expression, forget your manners. Once, the sea is blue, deadly quiet. Suddenly one day, the four songs, piccolo melodious. Music released under the sea, waves, and a moon choppy, the surge of the tide......

Wasted three years, profound that passes the slowest journey. The surrounding is still busy, but has nothing to do with me. A pair of pay no heed to the appearance, even in the face of the understanding of the people who support me. Because I actually don't think there will be a lot of people will bring me on bad. Fight for glory on our own. Over the years, I only care about their own things, to the outside world, indifferent. Inadvertently, dim your brow. You must think, I don't care about you is it right? I remember.

I know. It's my fault. How can I suddenly ignore anyone? Sometimes, hurriedly changed the subject or be entirely absorbed at a be of no great importance. I'm afraid to alienate your. But because of the tension other friends, you really do. In fact, it is extremely not give. Of course, I'll think of some way to make up for. When they need me, I will fully support.