The crisp autumn wind, will the sky on a little residual clouds blowing, the sky blue scrub. The geese flying south from the north and unable to part from flying in the air, call several voice, flapping wings left Harbin, on both sides of the road branches, leaves gradually painted orange, the September chrysanthemum fragrance season picture scroll spread.


Last year, this time, I first time to Shangzhi park to see the chrysanthemum exhibition. It was a chrysanthemum has been with me. In order to once again the dream to, once again I came here.


Many people see Chrysanthemum Exhibition Shangzhi Park really, huge crowds of people. Enter the park gate, as if you are in a wonderful world: in Chrysanthemum Exhibition exhibition stand, hundreds of pots of chrysanthemums competing in full bloom, two dragon proudly made in both sides, hundreds of Little Daisy spots around surrounded by the body, Zhengyan bucket fang! On the left side of the chrysanthemum white like snow, the chrysanthemum yellow gold, in the sunlight, the white Huang Xiangying, especially fresh pleasant; during a visit on both sides of the sidewalk, put a basin filled with a variety of colors, elegant and easy, colorful chrysanthemum. Some of them were dropping, flowers like stars. Some shoulder and the shoulder, shoulder to shoulder...... Expression is not a, with delight, or like peacock, or as the galaxy landing, or if the Dragon into the sea...... Xian Rong slim, be full of wit and humour.


Shangzhi Park of this year's show chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum open because of the weather, uneven, more features. Some bud to bloom, and some have been informed, some like just out of the bath, and some such as Guangzhou city.china female...... A plant, a basin, a lot of, a heap of, red Sihuo, yellow like gold, green like jade, snow-white, resplendent with variegated coloration, Mantang shenghui. Trance, visitors like to enter fairyland in general. There is a label on the bottom of each basin of chrysanthemum, the origin of the name and the shape of flowers, the flowers of chrysanthemum, there Jiapin "green peony petals, plump, jade green color, bright color; a rise head and shoulders above others" Shuai Qi ", Rui leaf width, inner integument and gold, as the rising of the sun, as if the ancient military" Shuai Qi "; and the charming" quiet woman ", petal like silk, hair falling down, quiet and elegant, charming and sentimental; most afford much food for thought also to" the romance of the Three Kingdoms "story" three named Joe ", make the person thoughts thronged one's mind. The people who come here, almost everyone is engaged in photography, and some of the high-end professional camera, some of the camera, and the use of mobile phone, the color as snow "white peony", "the ancient capital of the snow," strange "Chrysanthemum" color, "ink charge", are surrounded by the pictures...... The beauty of the girl, the young woman and the chrysanthemum, rushed to take pictures.