President Obama Hello:


I request that the international humane


rescue,please help me to your country


identified DNA(my brother and sister)


to counter bullying me completely


suppress my judicial corruption,


please give assistance, Sincerely safe


and happy The helplessness of


vulnerable women from


Taiwan for help


0976622460 Luo Yi Rujing on


PS: because of Taiwan's three


generations of leaders escape my


parental rights issue,


so resort to world powers the United


States lend a hand to help me to


recognize three generations of family


reunion, grateful.


I enclose my three siblings DNA,


1: the household registration are the


same on both mothers Father




2: We are the biological father of three


siblings witness their different Jieyou


3: I am a posthumous child


4: The sister did not sample


5: The three DNA is indeed a


contradictory facts are false


Taiwan's ruling Justice and team


leaders to escape my parental rights


are trampled my human rights, and it


gets hurt me more innocent children,


I ask President Obama to play


international humane assistance to


help me my weakness to the United


States also identified DNA I have three


generations of the family and the


rights and justice,


would be greatly appreciated,


I wish the peace and joy


Assistance from Taiwan


Luo Yi Rujing on 0976622460