One of the greatest problems with tech is that there is little room for nostalgia. Aside from Nintendo and potentially Fujifilm, few companies are willing to stick  Business Video Conferencing

with what’s comfortable. And with good reason!

Take Apple, for instance. I may still be butthurt over the fact that my iPhone doesn’t have a proper headphone jack, dismayed each time I lose my dongle, but it’s

hard to ignore that some new features, like Touch ID, haven’t drastically improved both the security and the user experience of the iPhone.

But out with the old and in with the new, right? And it seems that Touch ID might be the next old, new feature to get the axe.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported on rumors that Apple is testing facial recognition via a more powerful 3D camera on the iPhone, which would do away with Touch


A few days ago, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the next iPhone will have an all-display design and use facial recognition, as well travel news.

Before these latest rumors, some have speculated that the Touch ID sensor will lay under the screen.

However, given the latest report out of Bloomberg/KGI, a new Apple patent application has caught our attention.

The patent application describes a method in which a computing device could spot a user through the camera while in sleep mode, using very minimal power, and wake

automatically based on the movement of that user toward the computing device Veda Salon.